Hand-made collage photo frames — Offer from manufacturer (factory)

Runoko is European producer of the high-quality wooden collage frames, also known as multi-photo frames, or multi-picture frames. Wooden collage frames are much stronger than plastic ones, and better-looking.

producer of photo frames - hand made collage frames from Ukraine Wooden puzzle frames for many photos - directly from factory meter long frame for multiple photos - factory made in Ukraine
 multiple photo wall for decorating house  custom-made photo frames for house interior  self-made photo frame wall decoration



Our products differ from competitors in the following ways:

  • Variety of colors: we offer multi-photo collage frames in 20+ colors and color combinations. And we are not limited in colors at all — we can make photo frames in any color client likes, one just need to choose color on RAL or NCS catalogue.
  • Exclusive designs: we have team of designers inventing many new designs, making practical and beautiful collage frames.
  • Highest quality: All our photo frames are made from 1st grade wood, are thoroughly polished, and painted with safe scent-free water-based paint.
  • Hand-made products: We do paint many color combinations by hand, creating unique designs.
  • Low MOQ. We can make both large orders for thouthands of multi-photo frames for low price, and can make small orders for reasonable price, even as low as 10 items.
  • Short delivery time. Production of most orders can be made in 1-2 weeks. Moreover — we have stock of many items, and items in stock can be sent immediately. Our production is based in Western part of Ukraine, 90 km from EU border, and delivery to any European country takes just 1-7 days. Distance from our factory to Vienna (Wien) is 580 km, to Berlin — 860 km, Rome is just 1210 km away, Paris 1590 km and London 1750 km.
  • Customer designs are welcome. We are also making multi-photo frames designed for decorating particular house, based on house designer drawings or sketches.
  • Any design can be scaled up. For example, if multi-photo frame is for 12 photos of 10×15, you can order same design for 12 photos 15×20, or 13×18 or 20×30 etc.
  • Designs are Copyright-Protected. We have developed many more interesting designs, to be shown to potential buyers.
  • Frames can be supplied either with glass or with acryl film (is much lighter in weight, helps to reduce weight of the multi-photo frame by 50%

Minimum order quantity:

• Collage frames in our standard colors — 1 carton

• Frames in custom color – EUR 200 worth of frames in each custom color

• Frames in stock – 1 psc.


We speak English, and few other languages:

  • Wir sprechen Deutsch.
  • Nous parlons Français.
  • Parliamo Italiano.
  • Vi talar Svenska.

If you are interested in wholesale purchase of our wooden multi-photo frames — we are looking forward to your letter or call:

E-mail: {This email is obscured. Your must have javascript enabled to see it}

Phone: +38099 555 1566

Working hours: Mon-Fri, 8:00 — 17:00 Central European Time

Address: Ukraine, Kyiv, Shutova str. 16.

We are cooperating with home goods shops, photo shops and shop chains, photo frame wholesalers, internet shops for home and decor, gift shops, design studios.